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Catherine Murphy

We purposefully make all of our garments in Melbourne, Australia using locally retained skills, available materials and industry networks - some now in their third decade of mutual sharing. During the first 15 years of Catherine's career, manufacturing outside of Australia was unheard of and the need to import fabrications and trims rare. All of these years later, we work creatively within the limitations of a much diminished industry, holding all of our production nearby.

As we expect our clothes to be relevant for decades, quality is paramount. Working with carefully selected local manufacturing houses we can keep our quality promises and oversee the entire process in real life. Every sample is made and developed in-house and smaller production runs are completed internally.

Catherine works alongside her long term problem-solver and creative-thinker Lee. As her first ever sample machinist when fresh out of uni, Lee has taught Catherine life lessons, technical skills and therefore design possibilities. Lee and Catherine's history is long and values are shared. French seams and mothering are discussed in one sentence.

We wish to make beautiful pieces to the highest standard with all involved rewarded whilst creating the slightest environmental footprint possible and beauty wherever we turn.